All years of my life lives a spitz with my family.
My first own dog was Otti, the first brown dog
I have seen in my life, and it was love at first sight.

Here you can see the dogs, how live(ed) with us :
our oldest male was Lacky, 24 . 10 . 1997 - 22. 07. 2006

We have had also a black Kleinspitz-male, our little Ybbs.
He was now the junior-handling-dog for my daughter,
and I must say, they were a nice team.

Long time we have looking for a brown mittelspitz-bitch -
puppy , but it wasnīt easy, brown dogs are very rarely .

At the 27. dezember 2002 it was so far , at the age of 2 month
Mintgarden´s Harmonia moves into our house.

In october 2004 we have had the first puppies from Harmi and Lacky,
in our kennel "vom Bollmannbrunnen" .
And the young boy Atlas was the 4th German Spitz in our kennel.
We had a seconds brown bitch, kleinspitz Olympia.
Olympia lives now in U.K.

From Harmis second litter lives now the big black boy Boreas with us.
Our newest Mittelspitz is black girl Mintgardenīs Ethene
And we have a Kleinspitz again, the black daughter of our Ybbs, Ybbsi
Our new family - member is Nike, the brown hope for future.


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Harmi , Atlas and Lacky

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