German Spitz (Medium)

With a size between 30 and 38 cm he is the classical size of the german spitz. It was probably the size impact, which was in earlier centuries kind of condition for the normal pointed, which one as an awake dog in the rooms of the craftsmen, the farmers, who found driving people and with the simple people.

Into the present it coined/shaped by its saucy, incorruptible, have and good-defending nature the image German pointed. Also on old paintings and illustrations the pointed was perpetuated by medium size, unfortunately not always positively. This was probably the reason that this pointed size was inclined respectable with the trailers of the pure breed and with the founders of the association and was officially not bred.

Only in the year 1969 that received centralpointedly its place in kind of condition of the German point. In the last years he experienced fortunately a clear upswing, found particularly the classical color white many new friends . One breeds centralpointedly at present in the colors black, brown, white and other colors (orange, wolf-sable, parti-colour and all other colors).

   source: info-page of the VfDSp